Raven Gadgets TV Buddy Caster Review

Watching TV is one of the most famous forms of entertainment.  It is the recreation that attracts colleagues,  friends, and families together. Any appliance that increases the TV perceiving event will significantly add to your things. Raven Gadget, TV buddy Caster, is one of such best things. 

Do you ever see the best and most funny videos while scrolling your phone’s internet?   Do you not think you should share this amazing video with your colleagues or family on a giant TV screen? Keep reading this blog to learn how to share funny or other content on your TV’s big screen.

Even though smart television is famous throughout the public and assists you in accessing good topics from the web on tv directly, not everybody can afford it. 

A maximum number of people have been seen to have content access on their devices. Tablets, laptops, and other appliances are also significant; however, these devices can be challenging to carry. The mobile device fits easily in your pouch, so you can view photos and videos while traveling.

Still, the little network is a significant limiting component. It is tough to stare at or enjoy a video over a vast duration. Also, there will be a problem with the video content quality. Though smartphones can stream HD videos, the tiny screen is still its limiting factor.

To experience HD streaming on your big TV screen, Raven Gadgets buddy TV caster has a crucial role. 

What does Raven Gadget’s TV Buddy Caster mean?

Raven Gadgets BuddyTV caster acts as a dongle for the big-screen TV. It usually connects your mobile device and TV. The primary use of this TV caster is that you can watch and enjoy the content from your device on an enormous-screen TV.

This TV caster permits you to mirror photos or videos from a device to a Big Screen TV. It can be a TV show, movie, photo, YouTube video, and many more.  It has been seen that over 29 percent of web users cast videos or other content from their tablets or phones to big-screen TVs for straightforward viewing.

It can be a little tough to see a long-hour video on your phone can be a little tough. Your eyes may experience strains, and there may not be any integrity resolutions. The requirement for TV casters is prominent. You may go through various odd brands whenever you start looking for TV mirroring online.

However, every TV caster is not good and may not meet your requirements. They usually come with various specifications and provide fluctuating perceiving experiences. Compared to other similar devices, this TV caster is cheaper and is famous for its good performance that matches the implementation of the best available appliances on the market. 

Benefits of Using Raven Gadgets TV Buddy Caster

  • This TV Buddy Caster is an adaptable device. You can relate it to your laptop, TV, phone, or tablet.
  • No adverts are related to it. Various streaming services are provided with many advertisements that may even irritate users. However, with this Caster, you will surely enjoy your time without unsolicited adverts.
  • Top streaming services gather personal information; however, this TV Buddy caster does not do it. Your privacy is of utmost importance, and this caster respects your privacy.
  • It is customer friendly. You are not supposed to be an IT expert to set it up. If you can use your laptop or smartphone easily, you can use this TV caster, also.
  • Using this buddy caster in your home does not require a smart TV. However, you can easily plug it into a TV with an HDMI cable.
  • It is not much costly. So you do not have to save for months before buying this TV caster. 

Features of Raven Gadget TV buddy Caster

  • It supports various audio and visual formats. You can play the most content, such as videos, on your laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • It supports various TV HD streaming platforms, such as HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus, etc.
  • It operates outstanding analyzing technology to provide High Definition videos.
  • Having funny content on your laptop or phone that your caster does not support playing on your big TV can be frustrating. However, this TV caster supports various video formats. It implies you can play FLV, AVI, MKV, VOB, and other videos.
  • Whether you possess IOS, windows, or Android devices, this TV caster is pleasing. Moreover, you do not need help from other applications for it to perform better.


Raven Gadget  TV Buddy Caster is a decent device that lets you play content from your phone, laptop, or tablet on your big-screen TV. It acts as a dongle for your TV. It generally connects your phone and TV. If you want to buy any such TV caster, pay a little attention to Raven Gadget TV buddy Caster.

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