Heineken and Bodega Collaborate to Launch the “Boring Phone”

In an intriguing collaboration that merges the worlds of beer, streetwear, and mobile technology, Heineken, along with Human Mobile Devices

By Rahul Shukla 3 Min Read

YouTube Clamps Down on Third-Party Apps with Ad-Blocking Features

YouTube has announced a crackdown on third-party applications that block ads, urging users to opt for YouTube Premium instead. The

By Rahul Shukla 2 Min Read

DaVinci Resolve 19 Public Beta Launches with Advanced AI Tools Across Multiple Platforms

Blackmagic Design has released the public beta for DaVinci Resolve 19, marking a significant upgrade with over 100 enhancements and

By William Watson 3 Min Read

Meta Introduces AI-Powered Chatbot to Instagram, Expanding AI Integration Across Social Platforms

Meta is continuing to weave artificial intelligence (AI) into the fabric of its social media platforms with the latest introduction

By Daniel Egusa 3 Min Read

US Lawmakers Express Concern Over Huawei’s New AI-Powered Laptop with Intel Chip

Republican lawmakers in the U.S. expressed dismay after Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant currently under U.S. sanctions, unveiled a new

By William Watson 2 Min Read

Android Set to Launch Find My Device Network with Enhanced Capabilities

This week marks the launch of Android's updated Find My Device network, a long-awaited enhancement set to rival Apple’s established

By William Immelt 2 Min Read

Android 15’s ‘Private Space’ to Enhance Privacy with Separate Google Account Recommendation

Google's upcoming Android 15 update is set to introduce a significant privacy-centric feature dubbed "Private Space," which will enhance user

By William Watson 3 Min Read

Apple Vision Pro Enhances Gaming with New Controller Options from 8BitDo

Owners of the Apple Vision Pro, known for its advanced eye-tracking and hand gesture capabilities, now have expanded options for

By Daniel Egusa 2 Min Read

Apple Revises App Store Guidelines to Permit Classic Game Emulators

Apple has updated its App Store rules, reversing a longstanding policy that banned emulators on iOS devices. This change opens

By William Immelt 2 Min Read