Best 10 Free Social Media Apps In 2022

Engaging people is very important and this is the ultimate goal for most companies. Most people are spending time on social media platforms for their pleasure time and some people make good money over these social media apps by selling their brands. Each social media app is designed to have a unique feature to stand against other competitors. In this modern world, these apps are considered a bridge to make up new friends and able to get solutions as well. Some of the notable top 10 free social media apps and sites are given below.

10 Best Free Social Media Apps in 2022

1. Telegram:

This telegram app is expanding its users gradually and also in these pandemic times as well. The security and privacy feature available in the app makes them stand first in the position. In business, brands can communicate with their users instantly and easily. They can create chatbots or channels to broadcast any type of message to all users at a time. They do have their private cloud-based storage units and it is considered a free version for all users. It supports both android and ios devices. It is marked as the top social media site available in the market.

2. Pinterest:

Pinterest is also one of the major players in the social media platform market. It is considered as an example to showcase how the visual content to be shown for all people around the globe. It is a fast-growing app and they have reached a million users in a month and keeps on increasing their users rapidly. Most of the users are inspired by the new idea and enables them to try new things. In simple, this app is designed for photo sharing and visual bookmarking options. It has an option to invite other persons to collaborate.

3. Snapchat:

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps available in the market. It has also millions of users on its list. It has the unique feature of self-destructive and in short, this app enables the user to share pictures or videos which will automatically disappear after a few seconds. In this way, it would not consume any memory and would not make others to take hold of anything. Some of the features of the app that includes: user can create and add filters to their photos, able to perform live messaging and video chat with other friends and the user limit to 16 persons at a time. They offer free cloud storage to back up the photos and videos.

4. Twitter:

This is present in the list of social media apps at any time and becomes more popular in recent years. It is also known as the real-time microblogging network and this offers blink whenever there is a new update in the circle. It provides real-time notification through email and app. It has been observed that around 80 percent of customer service requests are processed through the Twitter app only. It has the feature of chatting with friends in private and also has influential people list to follow. The user can view the viral topics and trending hashtags as well.

5. Facebook:

This is one of the oldest and most popular social media apps in the minds of people. It is designed for users to keep in touch with other loved ones without any phone calls. They can contact and have a video call with other people at any point. Also, it has become a platform to keep tracking of their old friends and connect with them. It has been observed that most of the old friends make use of this app to recollect their old memories. One of the most notable features of the app is branding and advertising. We can connect with people and effectively sell our products. In the region like the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, the users can send money to others.

6. Instagram:

Instagram has millions of users around the world and it is also increasing daily because of their new development and features. It has launched IGTV and this is used for long-form videos. In most cases, these types of videos are created for businesses and enable the user to create a business profile easily.

7. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn social media app is designed for professionals to connect with other professionals. This helps to promote themselves and their business smartly. Most of the individuals has posted their resume and got their offer through this platform. Also, there is a drawback of the data privacy and security at the large hand. It allows users to create jobs and recruit people through this app.

8. Reddit:

This Reddit social media app designed for creating a community of intelligent people to discuss, chat, and share photos and videos. There are different types of levels to connect with other people. It has an option to comment, upvote, and downvote any kinds of discussion available in the app.

9. YouTube:

This social media app is old and makes all kinds of people to attract to it. Any kind of person can log in to the app and get their desired video. It has been observed that during this pandemic situation, people were using this app to understand any new things and especially the cooking recipes. Children can use this app more friendly and watch their favorite cartoon channels. Any user is able to create their own channels in this app.

10. TikTok:

Most trending social media app in the market and this is designed to bring out their effort. But, most of the users are wrongfully using this app, and also due to political pressures, some of the countries started to shut down this facility in their regions like the United States and India. However, it is being marked as one of the best entertaining media apps.

There are also new social media apps that are developing on a daily basis. However, social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, and Instagram are helping people in terms of growth and economy. It reduces people to invest in their advertising kinds of stuff. In this way, they can invest that money in anything useful for their needs.

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