What are Marketing Automation and the 10 Best Marketing Automation Software and Tools

In the race of technologies linking with business, various tools are being created to make the business grow big and successful. Marketing automation software is one of the best creations of technology.

This software help businesses automate the essential functions and identify leads. The software automates the process of nurturing those leads to increase sales and create long-lasting customers. This helps a business to grow in the new era of online business competition.

The marketing software helps both companies and customers to easily interact and bind themselves in a long-lasting relationship. The tools that the software provides, make sales boost and increase potential customers. The customers also get numerous benefits like easy access to the various products the company provides and optimum customer support for solving any related queries.       

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation software provides various benefits. These benefits can improve your business and take your sales to a new height. The software helps the company to automate the repeatedly used functions and deploy more staff for other essential functions.  


Marketing automation software makes your company efficient in many ways. Automating various functionalities will reduce the cost of employees.

Marketing and sales alignment

The marketing automation software help the sales and marketing department to work together sharing the same software. In this way, you can create more leads and increase sales.  

Increase conversion rate

The marketing automation software help increases conversion rates by tracking your leads and managing them effectively. Better conversion will help you grow your business.

Top Rated Marketing Automation software and Tools

Act! Marketing Automation Tool

Act! Is one of the best Marketing Automation software available in the market. It has a high range of detailed sales and activity processes. The various functionaries include increased customer support and essential tools. Initially, the software provides customer interaction to make the users acquainted with the system.  

Features of Act! Marketing Automation Tool

The easy and friendly support system makes a buyer’s journey comfortable. It also helps the company to increase customers and new potential buyers. The main features of Act! Includes, an A/B Testing system, ROI Tracking procedures, Customizable CTAs, Dynamic Content, Sales Intelligence, and advanced Website Visitor Tracking.


The HubSpot marketing automation software is widely used for its simplified functions. It helps to grow the business’s marketing. It not only provides the best platform for businesses but it also helps customers to find what they need. It helps you create simple visual interfaces for powerful automated workflows.

Features of Hubspot

Lead generations, calculating analytics, Tracking Website Visitors, reporting data, managing products, setting meetings and customer feedback have become easy with the tools, HubSpot provides. Repetitive tasks get easy with automation tools. It eradicates the dependency on manually performing tasks.


Marketo is considered one of the best solutions for online marketing and E-commerce. It is owned by Adobe. It has every possible facility to generate leads and make optimum sales management. It observes and ensures customer satisfaction.

Features of Marketo

Marketo provides various tools to track analytics, initiate drip campaigns, track website visitors and lead scoring. The tools like Marketo Sales and Marketo CRM help drive revenue, build your brand and make your business grow in rising e-commerce. It also has advanced tools like mobile engagement, web retargeting, and content personalization. 


iContact is a user-friendly Marketing Automation software that does not require HTML coding. It basically deals with Email marketing. It has inbuilt editors and templates to make your business emails ready to use. You just need to drag and drop the required content into the editor.

Features of iContact

iContact has multiple templates for various different types of Emails. You can reform them as per your requirement. It helps you to segment your contact and send them business Emails automatically. It has other tools for ROI Tracking, creating leads and campaigns, and boosting your social media marketing.


Pardot is introduced by Salesforce. It provides robust marketing automation tools to improve your business strategy. It helps both the marketing and sales team to work together by collaborating. The collaboration helps engage buyers, close more deals, and build lasting relationships. Its success in engaging customers has attracted numerous organizations to use this as their marketing automation software.

Features of Pardot

It has the best tools to generate leads and manage them. Other tools help in email marketing, sales alignment, and insightful ROI reporting. Artificial Intelligence helps in answering queries and setting up a strategy. It has the best customer support tools, that help engage customers and leads.


Omnisend is one of the most preferred marketing automation. It has great automation workflows. cart abandonment, transaction emails, and welcome series are the results of pre-built automation.

Omnisend marketing automation tools perform various works like customer segmentation. It also integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify through its efficient features.


SharpSpring provides simplified marketing automation. The tools are provided for better sales and marketing automation. Various companies have improved their status with the help of SharpSpring.

Features of SharpSpring

The omnichannel approach by SharpSpring builds a better marketing strategy. The essential features include behavior-based email marketing, workflow builder, visitor tracking, CRM integration, and actionable reports.


Mail-chimp is one of the fastest-growing marketing automation software. It provides automation for every size of business. You can automate your frequently performed tasks to make your team focus on other essential works.

Features of Mail-chimp

The features that Mail-chimp offers are highly effective to set your business to a new level. The tools help in targeted ad campaigns, building landing pages, personalized engagement, and reporting analytics. The AI system makes the tools user-friendly.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a versatile marketing automation software, that creates new leads and manages them on a big scale. It helps the user initiates campaigns.

Features of Oracle Eloqua

Oracle has features like customer segmentation, lead management, and marketing measurement. Advanced Intelligence system helps in Sales and marketing alignment.


Ontraport helps to automate the entire marketing system to make it user-friendly. It helps in boosting sales of the company. The automation is easy to use and has various effective features.

Features of Ontraport

The Ontraport software includes tools like reporting, landing pages, and eCommerce. It also enables marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM.


A company dealing with E-commerce or online marketing requires Marketing Automation software to make the marketing and sales process easy. This software will help you achieve new goals in a short span of time. So go through the article and choose the best software for the marketing automation of your company.

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