Three Best Monitoring Software for Android Phones

Best Monitoring software is a program that you can install on any android device to monitor and track every activity on the cell phone device. Users can monitor sent and received messages, calls, browsing history, GPS location, and many more. It guarantees you to monitor every activity target device users have done on the phone and to the fullest.

Today we discuss the three best monitoring software for android phones that are exceptional in their services and let you monitor android phones without any technical issue. You can use the monitoring solutions for android to track your kid’s and employee’s phones, tablets.

Top Three Best Android Monitoring Apps 

Here are the following monitoring apps for cell phones that you can monitor any mobile device secretly without getting caught.

  • TheOneSpy
  • OgyMogy
  • Securekin

We have tested all three monitoring software. Finally, we want to tell you about the best things that have made these tools the best in the business. Let’s do a brief discussion about the android tracking apps in the following.

 TheOneSpy –World’s No.1 Monitoring App for Android

TheOneSpy is one of the all-time greats monitoring apps in the market these days. It is worth buying and packs with the best spying tools. It empowers you to track android phones’ activities, and you can get to know what your loved ones are doing on their digital devices.

You need to install Cell Phone Spy App on the target mobile device. It will secretly monitor everything running on the phone in the background. Users will not get and will get to know about every activity performed via the target mobile device. It is one of the most convenient cell phone spy software that allows you to monitor mobile activity at the time, and place of your choosing.

Top TheOneSpy Features for the monitoring of android phones:

Here are the following features of the best monitoring software for android for setting parental control and for keeping tabs on employee’s business phones.

  1. Social Media Spy to monitor messaging app logs
  2. Call recording on android cellphones
  3. VoIP call recording to record social messaging apps calls
  4. Call logs of incoming and outgoing phone calls
  5. Live screen recording to record and view videos of cell phone activity on the screen
  6. Screenshots to watch images of a phone screen
  7. Keystrokes logging provide passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes
  8. GPS location tracker can track live location, location history, and route maps
  9. Read Messages delivers the logs of sent and received text messages and chat on android


  • Android monitoring app is a non-rooted application
  • Secretly spy on cell phones at the backend of the target device
  • Packed with the several parental control & business security features
  • It doesn’t let the user get caught by the target device user
  • It lets users snoop on android phones secretly and remains hidden on the phone
  • No other anti-spy app will detect it no matter what


  • Physical access on the target android is necessary for installation process
  • Lacking with call intercepting features

OgyMogy –Best Android tracking software

OgyMogy is the most powerful phone monitoring software that helps parents to monitor kid’s android phones. It also monitors business phones and tablets during working hours to protect business intellectual property to the fullest.

The android spy software has multiple features that work on the target phone secretly.  You can use many features like track real-time location and location history tracker.  Spy software can record live phone calls, social media activity, and text messages.  Users can have insight into cell phones without them knowing.

The application is easy to configure on target android phones and takes a few minutes. Employers can use Geo-Fence around business premises and get notifications when an employee enters or leave the electronic fence.  It provides a separate control panel for users to operate OgyMogy on the target phone and get instant results.

Top OgyMogy cell phone monitoring Features:

  • Listen to the surroundings by taking over microphones
  • Video Camera to capture photos of surroundings s
  • Screen recording to record short videos of the android screen
  • Geo-location to track target device location
  • SMS logs to read messages, chat conversations
  • Contacts to monitor saved contacts in the phone book
  • Appointments fixed in android calendars
  • Browsing history to monitor visited websites
  • Key logs to capture applied keystrokes like passwords, and chats
  • Recorded calls data would be saved to the control panel


  • OgyMogy monitoring solution for android is non-rooted
  • It has parental control & employee monitoring features
  • It remains hidden, and sync data to your dashboard
  • The application leaves no foot-prints on the device & undetectable
  • Feature-rich application for kid’s online safety


  • Compatible with online Android phones
  • Does not entertain remote installation process

SecureKin – Best Android parental control App

Parental monitoring software is a free tool that you can download on any android phone via the Play Store. You need to install it on your kid’s phones and your cell phone. Users can activate its parental control features on kids’ phones. It gets instant results about kids’ activities on their cell phones. It monitors android browsers, locations and prevents kids from inappropriate apps. Parents can measure screen-time and capture keystrokes.

 Parents can also track the secret visited place of children with peers using a location tracker. Securekin is the best parental control solution for android phones that empowers parents to safeguard kids from online predators. Users can get activity reports and filter inappropriate websites on kids’ android phones. It is easy to use and download on kids’ phones.

SecureKin Parental Control App Features

  • Web filtering can filter inappropriate sites on kid’s phone
  • Get real-time location of kid’s
  • Activity Reports give complete insight into kid’s cellphone
  • Remotely block inappropriate apps on kid’s mobile
  • Location history to track GPS location of kid’s whereabouts
  • Monitor browsing history on android phones


  • Free parental monitoring software
  • Remotely monitor browsing history, and GPS location
  • Best app block tool for parental controls


  • Visible on the target device


These are the three best monitoring software for android phones. TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, and secureKin can fulfill your parental and business protection needs to the fullest.

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