10 Reasons Why You Need Video Transcription Services

If you deal with different kinds of content daily, you may be required to convert data from one format to another. This is done for several reasons. For example, audio data can be transformed into text to be used by blind people. Video files can be converted into text to be published as books. This is why transcription services are important for both online and offline organizations.

What Does Mean By Video Transcription?

The word transcription refers to a written version of something. That said, video transcription simply means, the process by which video is converted into text.

How Do You Transcribe A Video?

There are many ways you can transcribe a video. You can do it yourself, hire a video transcriber, or use a computer application.

Doing it yourself

You can listen to the video and type it out yourself. This is a tedious exercise. It is ideal for short videos. However, videos that run for several hours are difficult to be transcribed manually by an individual.

Using a computer application

There are many computer applications for transcribing videos. Such tools employ artificial intelligence for this purpose. YouTube has a free transcription service anyone can use.

However, computer applications are not yet in a position to provide accurate video transcription services. You’ll have to go through the text to ensure accuracy.

Hiring a video transcriber

This is one of the most efficient ways to get large volumes of videos transcribed. A quick search in your favorite search engines will reveal hundreds of companies and individuals offering this service.

Some companies are specialized in this service. They have the tools and human resources required to handle any kind or size of video transcription. One of the challenges with transcription service providers is that they don’t come cheap.

You may alternatively hire a freelance video transcriber. It is easy for you to get a highly skilled and experienced person to transcribe your videos. Simply search freelance websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.  Make sure you go through their portfolio to get a clear picture of what they can offer. Reviews from previous clients will also help you determine if they are the right people to work with. Here you may know about Audio Transcription Services.

It is safe and wise to hire a qualified person to handle this job for you. Here are 10 reasons why you should seek video transcription services.

10 Top Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Video

Makes content accessible for people with hearing problems

Deaf people and those who have hearing challenges can only access information via text or photo. Enlisting the service of an experienced transcriber ensures quality and no loss of data. Transcribing a video is more than just writing what you hear. A skilled transcriber can accurately convert video to text, meanwhile being fully aware of the context.

Fulfilling legal requirements

It is estimated by the world health organization that about 20% of people in the world have hearing problems. This is the reason why most governments make it mandatory for businesses, organizations, and educational institutions to produce information that can be accessed by everyone.

We must all have access to information to be productive citizens in this world. People with hearing challenges have the right to information. Video transcription services contribute a lot to facilitating this right.

It helps in improving video SEO

Most search engines love engaging content.  Adding captions to videos makes them more accessible to people. Foreigners who don’t understand the language can have captions in the language of their choice. There more people visit your page, the more likely search engines will rank you high.

Video transcription helps to enhance the user experience

People relate differently to different forms of content. Some people prefer reading to watching. Video transcriptions give different users content in the form they prefer. If you serve your customers well, you’ll gain their trust. This will result in increased sales.

It makes it easy for you to repurpose content

The need for different forms of content is on the rise. Once a video is transcribed, it can be turned into a blog post or even published as a book. This is a cost-effective method of creating content.

Some people prefer hard copies of information to physically file. Transcription services make this possible.

It improves content reach

Most developing countries have poor internet connection services. And they are expensive in most cases. Therefore, it becomes expensive for people from these places to watch or download videos. Text-based formats of data are light. They can be easily downloaded by people from areas with slow internet.

It makes videos watchable in sound-sensitive environments

If you live or work in a noisy environment, it can be difficult to clearly hear every word coming from a video. This is where video captions come in handy. You can always confirm that what you have heard is correct.

Increases volumes of shares

Transcribed videos can always be shared on text-based platforms like blogs. You may also turn it into a pdf file and share it through Google drive or any other related service.

Transcribed material can be used for email campaigns

Businesses and organizations are in constant need of content. Creating content can be expensive. To cut costs, most businesses repurpose content. Video transcriptions can be turned into material for newsletters and other email marketing needs.

Video transcription makes content easy to comprehend

 It has been discovered that most students on online learning platforms find it easy to comprehend captioned videos. It is easy to remember something when you read and hear it.


Video transcription is an important part of creating and sharing content. It is something every business should take seriously. Organizations that have implemented it effectively have seen improvements in user engagement and accessibility. However, it has to be done professionally, poorly transcribed video will hurt your reputation.

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