Top 10 Video Player for Android TV Free in 2023

Several media players are available on the internet, allowing you to play video freely on Android TV. The internet speed is increasing daily, so people can watch any movie, video, trailer, or web show. Android Tv is similar to android devices.

A good video player can provide a good experience while streaming any video on android tv. Unfortunately, many video players are on the internet, but selecting the best player from them is difficult. So, to resolve this issue, we bring the top 10 video players compatible with Android Tv without any cost.

Here are some of the best applications for providing the best experience while streaming videos.

Best Free Video or Media Player for Android TV

1. XPlayer

XPlayer is one of the best professional tools for video playback and streaming. Inshot inc developed it and is known for producing several popular applications with an easy user interface. This application will support all types of video formats and people can easily play 4K Ultra HD video files. This is the best free media player for android tv in 2023.


  • Every user can protect their private videos from being deleted or seen by unwanted people.
  • XPlayer supports all video formats for improving your experience.
  • With an easy user interface, people can control various video parameters like volume and brightness.
  • It has additional features like a timer, sleep mode, and more.

2. BSPlayer

BSPlayer is an upcoming multimedia player for android devices. It has a user rating of 4.2 on the google play store. BS Player Media developed it. It provides quality and performance at its peak. This video player has several inbuilt features and options. It has good playback speed and a reduction in battery consumption on the device.


  • People can add subtitles, and even they can adjust the size of subtitles according to their interests.
  • It has a simple user interface, and people can use any video format. It does not compromise operation speed.
  • People can watch tv series and massive content on android tv.
  • People can adjust parameters easily.
  • It is easy to handle and light on resources.

3. KM Player

KM player supports different languages and allows users to control brightness and volume using one-finger gestures. This application gets used by millions of users worldwide because of its different advanced features and performance. In the latest update of KM Player, people can now play 4K, 8K, and Ultra HD videos.


  • People can play music, videos, audio, and movies without any lag.
  • This application allows users to decode 4K, 3D, and Ultra HD videos without compromising quality.
  • There are multiple options of languages like English, Korean, and many more.
  • People can stream videos from YouTube and different platforms through URLs.
  • It has advanced features like sideshow creators.

4. VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is one of the most popular and commonly used media players by millions of users across the world. VLC Media Player is very famous among PC, laptops, and android tv. VLC player people can use equalizers and filter the weird audio formats. It can play most multimedia files and is also able to play discs.


  • People can use subtitles according to their interests.
  • It supports several formats and codecs like MPEG, MKV, and MP3.
  • It is available on different platforms with a minimum amount of limitations.
  • People can make conversion profiles from scratch to match the video and audio output.

5. MX Player

MX Player is making its way in the competitive market. It not only allows people to watch offline movies or shows, but people can also watch several online streaming videos and audio content without paying anything. Moreover, this media player will support almost all video formats.


  • It has several point-to-point gestures to guide you through the application.
  • People can customize their applications according to their interests.
  • MX Player supports every kind of format.
  • People can download MX Player from the play store or the apple store and can access it easily.

6. VL Video Player IPTV

VL Video Player is getting a recommendation from current users because of its extraordinary performance. It provides subtitles in multiple languages. People can turn on auto rotation for better performance while watching movies or videos. It supports several 3D audio files and even at high resolution. You can easily navigate through different smart tv applications without any cost.


  • VL Video Player supports almost every type of video and audio format.
  • This application will automatically detect your device’s music and movie files.
  • It supports multiple audio files like MPEG, mpg, MOV, rm, avi, m4v, mp4, and many others.
  • People can also send movies or audio files through this application.

7. Kodi

To take your experience watching movies on TV to the next level, Kodi plays a vital role. It is an open-source video player which supports all video formats. It has a collection library space to enhance the experience of the creator. It has a lot of additional features.


  • Kodi is adaptable to media players and playback.
  • The features of customization make it unique.
  • People can add or arrange their photos, videos, music, and Tv shows.
  • It can run on several operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS.
  • It has features showing weather conditions and a radio app.

8. PlayerExtreme

PlayerExtreme is enhancing its performance after updating its software from time to time. Through this application, you can download subtitles in different languages. It can stream movies from a PC or a website. People can adjust the brightness level according to their needs. In addition, people can share videos directly on their social media platforms.


  • It identifies different types of music, video, or photo format.
  • It will display all content in easy interface navigation.
  • It organizes all your media players.
  • It is available on two platforms, Android and Windows.
  • PlayerExtreme provides supreme picture quality with more than 8 million pixels.

9. FX Player

FX player can be one of the best applications for watching videos or movies at the best quality on Android Smart Tv. It is built with a great UI and provides a good user-friendly experience. In addition, FX Player has a facility to adjust the screen size according to personal needs.


  • The users can watch music videos, make their playlists, and download videos directly through the web.
  • It plays different types of video formats.
  • People can extract audio from the video by using audio extraction tools.
  • This application works with Chromecast.

10. N Player

Some people import videos from cloud servers to use N Player applications. It is free of cost application. It supports various cloud servers like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, One drive, and even Yandex.


  • People do not need to convert video files to MP4 to play a video on a smartphone.
  • You are not forced to keep a video file in storage.
  • People can stream them from remote devices with the help of network technologies.


For installing any of the above applications, go to the google play store and download directly through it. All these applications are free of cost. Above all, the applications are based on user reviews. Each of the video players provides video at high quality. They all have an easy user interface. All these applications can run on Android TV. There are some applications through with they can watch 4K quality videos.

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