Do You Know What Happens When Tech Marries Advertising?

Digital is far from being constant. Consumer habits and marketing trends are changing as gadgets start to influence advertising. So it’s essential to reach the audience at the right time with the right message. Leveraging technology in business promotion, companies can build more robust brand awareness, improve customer experience, and drive conversions. Let’s look at how recent tech trends shape the current state of digital advertising.

Advertising is Сhanging Its Face Because of Technology

It’s still challenging for brands to reach their consumers online with the ads. Businesses do their best to target as many clients as possible using online advertising. How can companies win this competition? They can use the right advertising technology to reach the best possible audience with the minimum effort.

The ad server was the first technology hitched to the advertising process. An ad server is a platform that hosts ad placements from various sources and serves ads across multiple channels – from desktop to mobile and CTV.  

Advertisers can buy direct traffic from publishers and run, optimize, and measure advertising campaigns with an ad server. Publishers use the platform to manage their website/app inventory and connect their ads with partners. Finally, the companies that run ad networks use it to match the supply and demand of their clients and earn money from the deal margins.

Utilizing algorithms, you can improve your targeting with the help of data, optimize ad budget, and analyze performance more effectively. Advertising technology solutions can help you improve your reporting on digital performance. When you use the digital ad tool correctly, you can optimize the marketing budget.

For example, what ads converted leads to clients, and what path did those consumers take to purchase? When a consumer uses multiple electronic devices to research, you can track the customer’s entire journey. And then obtain accurate reporting by not counting a single customer as numerous visitors with the help of ad tech solutions.

A New Era of Automated Ads: Programmatic

The idea of real-time bidding – using a demand-side platform to buy ads – has been hailed as the future of display ads. In addition, it is possible to achieve unprecedented accountability and efficiency using algorithms rather than people – for example, through using data, metrics, and analysis.

What is real-time bidding exactly? It’s an online auction where you can buy and sell ad impressions in real-time. Programmatic advertising is initially based on the RTB protocol, although there are also other methods to buy ads programmatically. Advertisers bid for images from their preferred audience based on their targeting settings. The tool they use to automate their media buying is a demand-side platform or a DSP. With a demand-side platform, they can manage, optimize, and analyze the performance of their advertising campaigns.

Brand competition has become more intense because of programmatic advertising, which has forced them to seek advanced methods to capture the lead. Therefore, dynamic advertising has become so popular. According to Google, dynamic ads drive five times higher conversion rate than standard ads.

Benefits of Using Advertising Technology

A good understanding of your customers will make your advertising efforts more successful. Data-driven analytics makes it easy to tailor content and online interactions to individuals based on their demographics, purchase histories, online activity, etc. If someone visits your website or uses your app, you can retarget them. It brings back prior visitors through messages tailored to their interests. For example, do you find that many people visit your product page but don’t convert? Then, you’ve got a chance to get them back because customers abandon about 72% of their online shopping carts.

In this case, your business could show that ad to the user again, which would increase the possibility of them clicking that ad and converting. The user will no longer be targeted once they have made a purchase.

Retargeting campaigns provide a higher conversion rate than prospecting campaigns because we have built brand awareness and can use more data points to target the user. It is beneficial to retarget your prospects multiple times by running cross-device and cross-channel campaigns. It helps to get better ad optimization, maximize desired factors, and get the best performance results. Thus, retargeting is essentially just optimizing, thereby encouraging successful ads to convert customers.  

Overall, ad technologies let you manage in one place: from media planning, ad trafficking, and ad targeting to serving, optimization, verification, and reporting. It enables you to serve ads only to those most likely to be open to your message, and you won’t waste money on the wrong clients.

The ad tech industry is adapting to a brand-new reality, for instance, with the help of CTV, which has created a vast window of opportunity for advertisers. This channel is popular among advertisers because it allows them to choose a pricing structure based on a metric (1,000 views) or cost per completed view (CPV). As a result, reaching your audience on the big screen has never been more affordable.

But not only is CTV advertising in trend currently. It might surprise you, but digital goes out of the home with its perks and benefits. In a way that online digital advertisements cannot, DOOH digital signage advertising uniquely engages consumers. DOOH cannot be blocked, unlike digital advertising. When you place the ad at the right place at a store’s location, you can convert a user quickly. Retargeting DOOH users on mobile phones will be possible using mobile location data.

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