SPLAY: 2-IN-1 Portable Display and Projector

Projectors may be loosely classified into three types based on the kind of input. Several of the projectors on the list may project several forms of information. For instance, while video projectors were primarily designed to display moving pictures previously recorded, they are now often used to display static images within PowerPoint presentations.

They may be linked to a camcorder for real-time input. The magic lantern is mainly remembered for projecting still pictures, although it could project visual content using mechanical slides since its conception. Its usage in phantasmagoria performances to launch animated gifs of ghosts was likely when it reached its height in popularity.

Some Interesting Facts about Splay 2-in-1 Portable Display Projector


Splay converts effortlessly between the only ultra-short-throw pico projection and the most extensive compact display. It is manufactured using patent-protected technology, including the only display material worldwide that can fully expand and fold in any direction. Splay is a versatile friend for hectic workdays, exciting adventure days, and more.

Screen Size

With a fantastic 24.5-inch diagonally screen size, Splay serves as both an extendable display and a completely portable projector. It has an ultra-short throw distance and brilliant FHD, 1920×1080 resolution. Two game-changing items are included in a single portable bundle!

With Splay’s ultra-short throw projection distance and bright, full HD pico projector, you can fit a more extensive picture into a smaller area.

Vertical correction

If users tilt the projection upwards when in projector mode, Splay’s auto vertical keystone automatically corrects the image.

Battery Life

At 24.5″, Splay is the most prominent portable display currently available. Its batter can function without a refill for 4 hours, and with an ultra-bright 800 nits, users may work without stress indoors or outside in well-shaded regions.

Why can we only use projectors and screens?

Nothing else can thoroughly fold while maintaining good quality as a projector screen. Due to their considerable projection distance or because they would be too heavy and unwieldy, all other mobile projectors couldn’t fit on a desk. This is the only form of the retractable arm that can stretch a flat-screen rapidly and effectively.

Features and Specifications of Splay Portable Display and Projector

Flexible display

The first form of projection panel material that considerably reduces wrinkles when compressed was created (and patented!) by the center in partnership with a top nanomaterials science research facility. No other screen can stretch and fold completely in every direction! This guarantees a flat, substantial screen that provides a high-quality image combined with the arms’ strain.

Unlike other projector screens now on the market made of vinyl and plasticizers, Splay’s screen won’t wrinkle no matter how it is folded and unfolded. Fabric-based displays offer poor rear-projection image quality and are big, heavy, and difficult to set up since the outlets in the cloth of the projector’s screen make it challenging to scatter the light evenly.


We created the sole ultra-short-throw pico projector with the top projection engine provider. All other mobile projectors weighing less than 5 pounds require a projection distance at least three times greater than Splay. Other ultra-short-throw projectors weigh at least 5 pounds and have a far larger footprint than Splay. Splay only has a 2.5-pound weight.


Finding the ideal location for a conventional projector may be difficult because you want to make sure it is well above everyone else’s heads. Hence, there are no shadows in the middle of your picture, and far enough away on your wall for the image to be vast and clear. Due to its shallow throw distance, Splay may be placed as close as a few feet from your surface and still produce a bright, huge, and clear picture.

We created the only extendable display mechanism after many years of R&D. It may seem easy to stretch a flat, wholly tensioned screen quickly and effectively, but it’s not.

In comparison with the traditional

Traditional projector screens require a lengthy setup process to match the projector (a rapid setup typically takes approximately 10 minutes). With Splay, you can get going immediately. The innovative retractable arms from Splay are robust and straightforward to use.

Splay is one of many portable projectors or displays available, but it is the sole ultra-short-throw pico projection and the most prominent mobile display. Splay competes favorably with existing products while offering significant additional capability because of our innovative extendable display technology.

Product Specifications

The most similar ultra-short-throw projectors with 1920×1080 native resolution fall between $899 and $1,177 (JMGO O1 Pro and LGHF65LAXPR). The largest (22.5-inch diagonal) and most equivalent display (Asus ProArt PQ22UC), which weighs 4.2 pounds and is not foldable, costs $3999. The amount of screen space compared to Splay’s 24.5-inch diagonal is 2-4 times smaller on all other transportable (less than 3 pounds) 13, 15, and 17-inch diagonal screens.

Comparison with SPUD

In 2016, SPUD was introduced. We were overwhelmed by the support of 1,901 supporters, and we have heard nothing but good things from satisfied SPUD owners. SPUD supporters had various use cases, including work-from-home, mobile games, movies, TV, relief efforts, cinematography, videography, mobility work, education, presentations, trade exhibits, real estate, building, and kid-friendly mobile displays, among others.

Splay is a significant improvement! This model has a higher resolution, much more brightness, lower weight, a new projection mode, a 30% reduced folded size, and enlarged depth.

You may use Splay in substantially brighter conditions than our initial product, SPUD, thanks to our significant advances on the projector (thanks to our R&D relationship with the top pocket projection manufacturer), plus flexible projection screen material!

How to use Splay Portable Display and Projector

  • Using Splay is quite simple. Place your projector or extend the screen, connect your HDMI (or wireless HDMI adaptor), and turn it on!
  • Splay has an internal battery with a 4-hour maximum runtime. Splay may function as both a power bank and a plug-in device charger.
  • Gather your pals and start gaming on the move with Splay, which works with any HDMI gadget, like your Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or Playstation.
  • Splay may improve your workspace by serving as a secondary display or giving you a large, bright display for meetings and presentations.
  • Make the most of your trips. Or, make sure you don’t miss that big game and have a spontaneous movie night!

How does the quality of Splay compare to a standard LCD-based display?

The less direct light hits Splay, the more excellent it will appear. Because of the improvements in clarity and brightness brought about by our display substance and projector technology, Splay is much more similar to LCD than our initial product, SPUD! Splay is for you if you desire a sizable, transportable display and a portable projector with an ultra-short throw!

Splay easily fits on most desks since it has the most petite focal length (i.e. throw ratio) of just about any portable projector.

The display is 7.5 inches away from the rear of the projector. The chassis of Splay is 6.3 inches long (e.g. cumulated 13.8 inches, but the body takes up comparatively lesser space than the shroud). For comparison, the depth of a 17-inch laptop is typically approximately 10 inches, a 15-inch laptop is around 9.5 inches, and a 13-inch laptop is about 8.5 inches.

The market offers a wide variety of projectors, including LED Projectors, Full HD, LED, 3D, Mini, and numerous others. You should pick the projector that best meets your demands because they vary in features and usability.

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