What is Robotics and the Importance of Robotics for Future

In the marathon of developing science and technology, many innovations have taken place in various fields of science. The things that were then impossible for humans are now possible. Technology has helped humankind ease their lives by assisting them in conducting various daily tasks.

Robots can be considered the best example of technological development. Robots are modern intelligent machines to assist humankind in various fields of work. In recent years, the world has noticed a significant evolution in robotics. Robots are being introduced in many areas to ease our life and carry our basic needs. Robotics is a topic that can change the future in many ways. Robotics has proved to bring our imagination to reality, and soon we will find it every here and there.

History of Robotics

The term robot is derived from the old Czech word ‘robota,’ which means ‘forced labor.’ With the help of various engineering methods, humans have successfully created intelligent machines that can act upon the commands of a human to accomplish multiple tasks for him. The first modern-day robots were made in the early 1950s by George C.Devol. In the late 1960s, businessman/engineer Joseph Engleberger acquired Devol’s robot patent and modified it into an industrial robot, and formed a company called Unimation to produce and market the robots. For his idea to industrialize robots and bring them into the mainstream, he was titled “The Father of Robotics.”

In 1958 at the Stanford Research Institute, Charles Rosen and his team developed a ” Shakey robot.” This particular robot was designed to analyze its environment and respond accordingly. It was mobile and had wheels on it.

Since then, the evolution of robotics has never stopped. Robots were built to conduct research to which a normal human being has no access. For example, robots can function deep in the sea, and robots are used to research volcanic eruptions and many more hostile conditions where a normal human being may not have survived. That was why robots started to replace human beings in rescue missions and wars.

2003 created a milestone in the field of robotics. NASA sent two robots named ‘spirit’ and ‘opportunity’ to explore the surface of our neighboring planet Mars. Same year robots got more prevalent in households with the introduction of robotic vacuum cleaners. In 2013 working robots were appointed, which were named co-bots because they cooperated with humans. Soon robotic arms were introduced.

Application of robotics

From the day the robots were introduced till now, robots never lost popularity. Therefore, the ratio of robots replacing humans in various fields increases day by day.

Robots can accomplish any work with more efficiency, less time, and with utmost accuracy than any human. Therefore, nowadays, robots are used everywhere, from houses to restaurants, from hospitals to war fields, and the applicability of robots is increasing.

Robots are made to operate computer programs and calculations by observing the surrounding environment in real-time and perform actions by following given commands.

*Robots are used in conducting daily household tasks like cleaning, repairing, remembering daily tasks, etc.

* From the initiative of NASA, every space organization has started using robots for better research. Today, space expeditions wholly depend on robots as they are durable in hostile conditions and efficient in conducting research.

*Industries like automobiles and gadget-producing industries are highly dependable on robotic arms to lift heavy mechanical parts and perform on minute joints that are not easily reachable by human hands.

*Modern-day hospitals use advanced diagnostic techniques to determine affected areas and conduct surgeries. Robots conduct treatments like laser treatments.

*Artificial intelligence is the most significant achievement in the evolution of robotics. It is an artificial brain replica that can consider your queries and find answers. However, even it can think of its solution out of its mind if necessary.

The military is believed to change in upcoming years by deploying more artificial soldiers to prevent the loss of the war.

*Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing field of science. Robotic assistance is a primary helping hand when it comes to nanotechnology.

Robots are given the knowledge of any specific action with the help of machine learning. It is a method where robots are put into a specific algorithm to read in a specified manner.

Future of robotics

Pop culture and sci-fiction writers are always fascinated about how the technology of robotics will change the world. So, to some extent, their speculations are getting the touch of reality. But, on the other hand, robots like Sophia and Ameca seem like they have been straightly dragged out of any movie.

The idea that movies like Robocop brought is now the current stage of robotic evolution. Then, finally, we can successfully produce robotic limbs and implant them on living humans, which help them walk again.

It is presumed that if we go on the path of developing technology, robots will soon be a significant part of our daily life. They have the potential to enhance the life of a human being in various aspects.

The ability of rapid-learning will soon give robots a vast application in human life. Shortly, robots can be seen in transportation and law enforcement as recent innovations are made in these fields. Autonomous vehicles have gotten hype in recent years. Automatic tolls and police drones are being introduced shortly.

The rapid growth in robotic engineering is also creating enormous education and job opportunities for interested individuals.  


Science and technologies are used to make our life easier and more efficient. However, the same things used in a specific manner can bring us irreversible loss. The use of robots can simplify our life and future by avoiding dangerous situations and helping us maintain a prosperous life. However, artificial intelligence and obeying commands, which are prominent features of modern-day robotics, can create massive destruction if it falls on the wrong hand. To avoid these kinds of situations, we have to ensure that technology contributes to peace.

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