HipStar Hands-Free Travel Cart Reviews, Specifications and Features

Millions of people all across the globe like touring as a hobby. The benefits of travelling are immense for all people. Here are some reasons to travel. The most important quality somebody can possess is the capacity to migrate from one place to another. All people and animals have this capability, but people always advance further.

Travelling has some inherent benefits, despite the fact that each person may have their own individual motivations for doing so. One reason is that occasionally taking a break from the same old routine is enjoyable.

Introduction to Hipstar handsfree Travel Cart

HIPSTAR is a modular travel cart that supports any load, backpack or luggage on two wheels, mounts to your hip, lifts the weight off your back, and lets you move hands-free to places with few people and lots of fresh air.

HipStar was developed to assist everyone in pursuing their own unique legend. The HipStar is the ideal travel companion, whether you’re a hiker, camper, and festival goer, have back trouble and can no longer carry heavy objects, or are an active traveller who lives out of a suitcase.

Specification of Hipstar handsfree Travel Cart

  • Backpack: To move fast through mountains, you can comfortably carry it as a backpack.
  • Travel cart: Hipstar can manage both heavy and small bags while snugly fastening itself to your hips. As a result, you can travel without having to use your hands.
  • Bicycle: When you ride your bicycle, the cart is fastened to the seat and rolls forward while transporting your belongings.
  • Suitcase: Fold your Hipstar and use the top handles to drag it alongside you like a suitcase or a standard hand truck dolly.
  • Travel: Your Hipstar can be folded into a little piece of luggage that you can store in the trunk of your car or take to the airport with you while travelling or on a journey.

Hipstar handsfree Travel Cart Solving travelling problems

The Hipstar has foldable handles and frames, can transport light to heavy bags, and keeps a bag’s centre of gravity (CG) above or in front of the wheel axle to improve stability.

Walking, climbing, or running won’t expose you to its pushback force, which flips the cart. As a result, its structure supports the weight of your bag on its wheels, allowing you to draw the cart with less effort. Additionally, the Hipstar’s harness and special positioning aid in maintaining stability.

  • Hipstar balances the greatest weight on one axle like a suitcase.
  • Dragging a suitcase while walking is required while carrying one. The space behind you allows you to easily stroll without running into anything, and the Hipstar handles attach to your hip.
  • Even the smallest weights linked to your body generate persistent pushes and pulls. The Hipstar, on the other hand, includes shock absorbers and an adjustable harness that enable you to run or walk without causing any discomfort to your body or legs.
  • Hipstar is a foldable travel cart that can be turned into a backpack that allows for simple stair climbing and mountain hiking. When folded, it weighs only ten pounds, and after you’ve reached the ground, you can extend it and reattach it to your hips.
  • Last but not least, the Hipstar completely collapses for simple storage in your car’s trunk, room, garage, etc. It is also simple to transport on a plane.

Key Features of Hipstar handsfree Travel Cart

  • Comfortable harness: Fits any waist size while remaining low-profile.
  • Fully adjustable: For maximum comfort, it adjusts to anybody’s width or height.
  • Shock absorbers: Deflate all of your body’s functions caused by walking or running.
  • Large wheels: Travel over any terrain, whether it’s smooth city streets or uneven hiking trails.
  • Intuitive balancing: Make sure that your gear is evenly distributed around the axle in weight.
  • Retractable Kickstand: Maintains the cart’s upright position while securely securing your gear.

The price for Hipstar MD’s in-trend travel cart is INR 32,308 and the website is offering a 15% discount making the amount INR 27,449. Shipping charges are not included and can be calculated on the basis of the place of delivery. Different variants of the travel cart are available on the website Indiegogo. The price for Hipstar HD is INR 38,866 and after the discount, it will be INR 32,308. The Hipstar HD duo provides you with a combo at a price of INR 64,615 and after a discount, it will be INR 51,660.

Travelling and cleansing of the aura

Travelling not only takes us to other locations and introduces us to new people, but it also eliminates the monotony of our lives. People, their cultures, opinions, and ideas all travel. They are bound to meet individuals and share their opinions and experiences as they go from one location to another.

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