Best Cricket Gaming Apps on Android and iOS Store

The IPL season is finally here, and people are going nuts combating their respective groups and players. It’s a cut-throat conflict that frequently breaks out near the water cooler and in the cafeteria.

The Cricket game gets unmatchable dynamism in the country, and those here never leave a chance to transform any place into a mini playground for a fast game of cricket. So why leave smartphones out? Let’s have a sneak peek at the best cricket gaming apps.

Top-Rated Cricket Gaming Apps That are Available on iOS and Android

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

The World Cricket Championship 2 is one of your phone’s most dynamic and best graphic cricket sports. You can play cricket in 11matches among 18 special global groups, 10 domestic teams throughout 42 world-elegance stadiums, and together along with your choice of the national team. The app adds on to give many customization alternatives and more than one mode to play with. You can maximize the play with some cricket pictures, including the well-known Dil-scoop, paddle sweep, and Helicopter shot, in addition to Upper-Cut. It has 14 special bowling movements, which makes the batting little challenging.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions/Sachin Saga VR

The game is the final cricket mobile gaming experience, created and developed through JetSynthesys. Born out of an exclusive, first-of-its-kind JV with Sachin Tendulkar, the immersive mobile game we could play because the legendary Master Blaster himself, together with his motion-captured pictures, create a genuine real-world cricket experience.

Real Cricket 20

It has many game modes, such as test matches, world cup, super over, quiz, etc. The game’s developers have achieved a huge task in terms of graphics. The arrangement and the other factors of the game look realistic. The fun part of this game is paying attention to the statement at the time of the match with the especially Hindi commentary, and I think even you may revel in it. You can even get female voice commentary; you must purchase their pack to enjoy that.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015

The “official” ICC Cricket World Cup video game, ICC Pro Cricket 2015, was launched through Indiagames, an Indian studio with a lot of experience in making cricket games. It features a unique bowling mechanic that has you tracing the ball’s trajectory at the screen, which makes for an immersive enjoyment. Batting calls for you to tap to choose between ground or a lofted shot, in addition to choosing the direction. It can take a little getting used to, but this free mobile game seems amazing. Motion capture has been used to create realistic graphics, and you perfectly get elements of control and simulation gameplay.

Gully Cricket Game 2017

A light-hearted take on cricket, Gully Cricket Game 2017 appears the same, just like the popular PSP and console game Street Cricket. Set in distinctive locations in India, Gully Cricket is made for cricket fans seeking out variety in the genre. Developed with the aid of using Games to Win, the sport gives daily coin rewards. Users can participate in single-participant video games or in uniquely named street cricket tournaments such as Navratri Cricket Trophy, Ganesh Utsav Cup, or Diwali Dhamaka Champions cup. Controls are touch-based, and the sport is batting orientated like Stick Cricket. However, this provides greater management and shot options. The graphics appear to be hand art however are often two-dimensional.

Stick Cricket Super League

You would love this cricket game for the wide range of customization it offers, from making your player’s appearance exactly the way you need them to, to building your team with stars from 70 international cities. You may even revel in the sport’s business by negotiating seasonal contracts with the international’s best players. Check the statistics to check your upgradation. Along the way, you’ll win trophies and accolades to emerge as the quality of the best. And when things get repetitive and you get tired of watching, you may fast-track the gameplay to the end of the innings. Pretty convenient! It’s easy to pick up but continues challenging your competencies, making it addictive and amusing!

Beach Cricket

Beach cricket convincingly depicts the amusement of cricket performed on the ocean shore. The gamer is allowed limited over the sector and may choose one’s aspect and opponent. The traditional eleven gamers include one’s team; batters are predefined, but the gamer can select the bowlers from the players available.

Cricket Megastar

Pad up and strive your exceptional to strike it big as a pro cricketer. This isn’t always your run-of-the-mill cricket game and, as a substitute, chronicles your particular personal journey towards international stardom. Choose your player, play your best cricket, and get observed by the biggest teams in World Cricket. With easy pick-up-and-play swipe controls, story-led levels, and accessible gameplay, It’s an app that will fit players of every skill level.

Big Bash 2016

The official cricket game of the Australian T20 league Big Bash 2016 season 2016-17, the brand new game permits you to control certified teams and players. You can play the entire men’s and women’s league or custom fits of 2 to 20 overs towards any team within the T20 league. Game controls are touch primarily based totally and feel highly intuitive—you could control player shots even as batting, regulate the rate of the ball, and the precise spot wherein you need your bowler to pitch the ball. The graphics are accurate, and the gameplay is fun and free from constant advertisements, making it one of the great cricket games on mobile.

Epic Cricket

This 3-d simulation cricket game, advanced through Nazara Games, consists of HD excellent visuals with life-like worldwide players, complete match lives commentary, whole revel in of modern batting and bowling patterns proper from opposite sweep to helicopter shot, and googly to doosra. Epic Cricket has easy controls, which users can thoroughly adapt to touchscreen devices. To hit the ball, wait until it is in variety and swipe your finger in anything path you need to hit it. Serving is just as easy; select an area to serve and adjust the power.

Smash Cricket

Play this game for the best quality and gameplay techniques. Here it would be best if you made the most runs in the selected number of overs. At the same time, you need to defend your wickets with the bat. You may want to hit the right or left side by cautiously searching for the ball movement. In online mode, you may play this sport with any of your friends.

Here you also have 6 different modes, which consist of modes like Challenge Mode, Friendly Mode, and World Cup. Apart from this, functions like level up and player upgrades have additionally been furnished here.

All-Star Cricket

All-Star Cricket is every other best multiplayer cricket game for Android and is easy to play. The graphic of this sport is pleasing, and you also get the choice to customize your gamers in keeping with your style. And as you level up, the user may unlock the brand new stadiums. Overall, it is an interesting sport, and similar to stick cricket, it’s also a fast-paced cricket game. Also, it is only available at the Play Store.

Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is one of the basic cricket video games on this list. It is easy but addictive. You don’t must do anything, tap the bat button, and if you time perfectly, you will hit six. This game rarely takes your smartphone’s storage. Its length is just 314 KB, and it’ll easily run on any old Android phone, making it one of the best free cricket video games for mobile.

Hitwicket Superstars

This mobile cricket game is certainly a unique experience in the listing of the best cricket video games. The recreation has millions of real players ready to challenge you in multiplayer mode. Moreover, there are distinct modes and gamers that you may select from to ensure that you enjoy the game at its best potential. Create, coach, and guide your teams, Play multiplayer mode with real players, Unique graphics that make the game fun, and Ad-free experience

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2 may be the best cricket game for iPhone because it has satisfactory consequences compared to other iOS games. The game has easy controls, and you can play one-of-a-kind shots here. CSK 2 gives alternative challenges like challenges, a full-fledged season, and quick play. Pick the match you want to play and show your cricket skills to friends online.

Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket is a simple and best game. It will make the player have fun, and one can play it without difficulty. The Smash Cricket has single-again digital digicam angles. Undoubtedly, the graphic is the best and could impress the players. Also, you can choose the formats according to your choice, including T20, Test cricket, and so forth. Even the users can pick the difficulty of the game. The complete game is about 20 MB in size. However, it is free; thus, everyone can, without difficulty, download and install it on Google Play Store. Importantly, you don’t need an internet connection to enjoy the game.

Cricket WorldCup Fever

Cricket WorldCup Fever has complete HD graphics, or even the players are in a 3D look. Also, the highlighted features are 14 teams, six stadiums, and three difficulty modes, ball-by-ball analysis, Scoreboard Analysis, and replay mode. Thus, it will make the players happily play. As you manage your team, you could get the real match experience. Also, the options are simple and easy.

MSD: World Cricket Bash

The Gamer maker developed this game to promote MS Dhoni: The Untold Story Bollywood click. It follows a storyline primarily focused on Dhoni’s actual life. Dhoni enthusiasts could be interested in playing his signature shots which include Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep, Square Cut, and Paddle Shot which can be all a part of the sport. If you are a die-hard Dhoni fan, it’s a must-play game.

Rohit Cricket Championship

One of the newer entries on our list, the Rohit Cricket Championship, is an authorized cricket sport primarily focused on India’s Rohit Sharma. It lacks the gameplay and capabilities of a number of the other titles on our list, which consist of bowling and team management, and looks strikingly much like Real Cricket. However, it has one massive promoting point – its smooth controls. You only need easy drag, hold, and release gestures, making batting a breeze. There are a bunch of challenges to ramp up the difficulty. Rohit Cricket Championship is worth sorting out if you’re looking for a quick, entertaining round of cricketing fun.


So, those are the top 20 cricket games for smartphones that deserve your attention. We have curated the listing after reviewing every title carefully. Thus, you could put in your trust, have amazing gameplay, and enjoy any one of the titles which you pick to download.

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