If Chester Tagg Promised You The Instagram Verification Blue Tick, You’re Going To Get Scammed

Rich off the internet, Chester Tagg has a flashy lifestyle, stays in fancy hotels, and gives the first impression of an e-commerce millionaire. Prima facie, Chester Tagg comes across as an ultra-successful content creator. He will talk big, often about how some of his FB pages are making millions. 

This British citizen travels across Asia, often staying in 5-star hotels and partying in the right clubs. How does he do it? It’s definitely not the millions he is making.

Instagram verification is a hot-selling service, with content creators and influencers keen to spend five figures to get the blue badge. In a flooded market of Instagram verification agencies, people like Chester Tagg make money by scamming influencers and agencies alike. His standard modus operandi – he boasts about his connections with the staff at Meta and how he verifies FB and IG users as a middleman. He will even promise you exclusive access to an Instagram verification panel in case you want to get your friends or clients verified.

Like numerous scamsters, Chester Tagg has been untouched by the law to date. In an exclusive email conversation, a user shared proof of being duped by Chester Tagg. The Briton established rapport with the user, gained confidence, and promised to get his account verified in lieu of a hefty exchange of money. However, things changed overnight once Chester received the advance. He ghosted the user and decamped. Ironically, this young guy has not been arrested or outed yet. 

Scammers like Chester Tagg have a free run due to the lack of cyber laws and the absence of contracts in such under-the-table deals. Currently, in Bali, Indonesia, he spent a considerable amount of time in Korea during the start of the pandemic.

As the user claimed, if you come across Chester Tagg and he promised you FB page growth or IG verification, be careful because your money is never coming back to you.

This story has been verified with electronic media and proof submitted by an Instagram user who claimed that he knows at least three more people in his network who Chester Tagg has cheated.

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