How To Change Apple ID Password

Passwords are the fundamental and personal way of safeguarding your account in every aspect. The strength of a password decides the effectiveness of its security. A password set can be designed for access, including files, folders, applications, messenger, mail id, etc. A password’s primary role is enhancing virtual security over the processed system. Generally, password protection is referred to as the first line of defence against threatening unauthorized trespassers on the internet.

In addition, password setting is a necessary step in all the prospects mentioned above. To ensure your privacy is in check, it is a simple and reliable form of safety measure to rely on. Even though privacy protection is provided by all the legalized authorities of the required element, a private password always stands upright. Also, it ensures that your access safely guards your account. Password protection is designed for all types of devices under various companies.

Change of password in Apple devices

Principally, it is very crucial to change your password occasionally. It suits all your password protections, including screen lock, id password, folder password, application password, etc. Unfortunately, some people often forget their password after setting it up. Undoubtedly, it will create a lot of os discrimination in many aspects. You can fix your password per your preference to avoid those unwanted disputes. This prediction system is the main advantage because it allows you to manage everything as per your wish.

Unquestionably, as mentioned earlier, every device will have a different way of setting a password. Apple gadgets are not an exception to these guidelines. But the only way of differentiation tends to be their settings and steps involved in the process. Generally, Apple devices have different ways of things in all aspects. Password creation and changing processes are also slightly different from others.

The importance of changing a password regularly

Hacker access

If you use the same password for an extended period, it can get hacked easily. It is one of the significant drawbacks of the password system. A hacker will try to access your account more than one time. They won’t stop until they access your data. Foolishly, if you use the same password without changing it, it will be easier for them to break it.


All the commoner’s major mistake is to set the same password for all types of accounts. For example, you cannot possibly use your mail ID password on your Facebook. It may be stain free to memorize, but the consequences are not always fruitful to endure. If any of your accounts got hacked, your other locks got broken.

Please don’t save the passwords

In the browser or any other password lock, it will automatically ask whether to keep the password or not. The answer is no. You should not save your password on your device platform. Unfortunately, if you lose your device or change it, there are a lot of chances for other people to access the password.

Limited Access

As it always has limited attempts in password encoding, there will be no more threats can be observed. However, even if some forged people try to encode them, after several attempts, if they are failed, it may be impossible to open the lock without the owner’s access.

Best Ways of changing the password for Apple ID

You can change the id password by using three ways depending on the type of device: on the web, if it is a computer, on the Mac, and on the iPhone.

1. Change of password on the web

The following are the discrete steps you have to follow to change your apple id password on your computer:

  • The first step is to open the apple id website using the URL in your computer browser.
  • Login using your registered credentials. If you previously applied any two-factor authentication, it will ask for verification. So, keep your registered mobile by your side.
  • On the webpage, scroll down to find the “security” option.
  • Inside the security section, you will notice a “change password” button. Click the identical, and another page will pop up.
  • Now, it will enquire about your present password and new password. It is crucial to remember your password strength while forming one. Also, follow the mentioned rules like one upper case, one unique character, etc., while doing so. Enter the required details and submit.
  • Also, it may ask to re-enter the new password to confirm it. Finally, press the “change password” option at the bottom to complete the process.

2. Change of password on the Mac

If you are changing your password on your Mac, use the following steps correctly:

  • On your Mac, open the Apple menu.
  • At the top of the displayed list, choose “system preferences”. The following page will show some icons and other settings.
  • Click “iCloud” from the options, and the selected window will open.
  • Under the designed options, click “account details”; it will be on the left-hand side of the window.
  • At the top tab, choose the “security” option.
  • Under the Security tab, there will be the “change password” option. Click open it.
  • The pop-up window will show up and investigate your new password; enter the one with the required criteria, and press the “change” button at the lowest portion.
  • You will get to change your password.

3. Change of password on an iPhone

The mobile phone password-changing process is much more accessible than the above two methods. All you have to do is follow the steps without any errors. The required steps are:

  • Open the settings application on your iPhone.
  • At the top of the screen, it shows your account icon. First, open your apple id account.
  • On the account page, it will show an option, “password and security”, that you have to click open.
  • The “change password” option will be there at the top of the page for easy access. Tap the opportunity and open it.
  • For verification purposes, it will ask for your iPhone’s security password, enter the code and open it.
  • At the following pop-up or text box, enter your new password with high strength, and verify the same.
  • Upon entering your new password, press the “change” button at the bottom.
  • During the end of the process, it may ask for “sign out other devices” and “do not sign out”. It indicates that if you select the initial one, the password gets removed from all the apple devices that are accessed, and in the second one, it will not. Choose which you want and complete the process.


The above passage will teach you about password security and its authenticated protection. Also, you learn how to change the password for your apple id. Before everything, it is essential to understand the password system and its benefits. In addition, you have to know the answer to why you have to change it regularly. You will get clear notes on the above points from this passage. Make use of the mentioned guidelines for password change. Refer to the included information if needed for anything.

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