10 Best OKR (Objective And Key Result) Software in 2023

OKR stands for Objective and Key Results. OKR software has the most important guiding place in every company in all sectors. As the name indicates, OKR is the goal-setting platform. To define discreetly, your goals are detailed objectives, and their results are the typical responses you will receive. In addition, it is an assy type of software that helps you analyze your framework and produce detailed results. However, the result may be positive or negative depending on your objective’s success.

Many multinational companies, including Google and others, use this type of assay software, the OKR, to verify their objectives and possible or probable results. OKR is a goal-setting platform. The goals are the destined objectives that will guide your organization toward success. The journey to your destination will solely depend upon the objectives you initially input. Even though the results are not wholly predictable, it is an analyzing tool in a business approach.

Top-rated Best OKR (OBJECTIVE AND KEY RESULT) Software and Tools in 2023

Be noted, all the different OKR software have their speculated features, advantages, and disadvantages. It is undoubtedly impossible to pursue all the well-reserved qualities in one software. The one which is present in some may be absent in others. Undeniably, it will be brainstorming decision-making for business platforms to choose the appropriate software for their firm. In this article, we will be discussing the ten best OKR software in 2023.

  1. Monday.com
  2. Leapsome
  3. Unlock OKR
  4. Profit.co
  5. Inspire
  6. PerformYard
  7. People box
  8. Huminos
  9. Gtmhub
  10. Engagedly

1. Monday.com

Monday.com is one of the best OKR software available and is quite successful for its built-in templates and data visualization tools. Moreover, it has flexible operating features you can pursue when and where you want. Usually, it allows you to create your dashboard of to-do jobs and can also customize them. In addition, there is an excellent option for grouping and tagging other people.

Important features

  • The interface is clean and attractive, with fully customizable features.
  • There is also a drag-and-drop option.
  • It has more than 200 templates with a specialized OKR template.
  • In addition, it has a deadline notification panel that reminds you of overdue tasks.
  • Monday.com integrates with many other companies, including Google, Excel, Outlook, Zapier, and Microsoft.
  • Website: www.monday.com

2. Leapsome

Leapsome, as a present OKR software, is particularly crucial for performance-oriented companies. Leapsome is best known for its strategic planning and successful implementation. Due to this quality, many audience-related platforms like Spotify are following their terms of perceptions. In addition, it can provide phase-wise feedback for your work over other OKR software.

Important features

  • Their features are mainly focused on increasing accountability across various organizations.
  • They have the best self-evaluation tools.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • They often integrate with Personio, BambooHR, HiBob, active dictionary, calendar apps, etc.
  • Website: www.leapsome.com

3. Unlock OKR

Unlock OKR is a guiding and coaching OKR software with 14 days of trial and demo for starters. Their features are solely zoomed in on the outcome of their objectives. Also, as an exception to other software, unlock: OKR ensures that the adoptive OKR services are a coordinated way of formalizing a business.

Important features

  • Unlock OKR comprises a simple interface with an intuitive dashboard.
  • Their tools allow everyone to create objectives and view results easily.
  • You can communicate business within your team and between the groups.
  • In addition, OKR championships are available.
  • Website: www.unlockokr.com

4. Profit.co

Profit. Co is incredibly best for its user-friendly interface and simple features. Discreetly, a Profit. Co has a designed strategy-making, task management team, employee management team, and employee development, team. Together with the groups mentioned above, its simplified features make it unique. Profit.Co integrates with companies including Slack, Microsoft teams, Jira, Hubspot, etc.

Important features

  • Their templates are versatile, and also they provide stepwise guidelines.
  • You will tend to attend departmental and one-on-one meetings for planning and execution.
  • There are also coaching and certification additionals available.
  • You can iterate freely and rapidly.
  • Website: www.profit.co

5. Inspire Software

Inspire, as the name suggests, will surely inspire you with their immense quality of coaching and training support. They merge all their features to bestow the best performance management and feedback regulation processes. Inspire partners with Paul Niven, the best-selling author, to provide the best breed OKR with better performances.

Important features

  • It includes OKR development, data tracking, smart goal-setting regarding conversations, timelines, reminders, and benchmarking.
  • In addition, they also provide complementary software with guiding videos.
  • They combine science-oriented learning with business tactics.
  • Website: www.inspiresoftware.com

6. PerformYard

Perform yard is the best for its goal-setting features and its following performance management criteria. In addition, their flexible interface will be suitable enough for both HR and normal employee levels. Specifically, the HR teams are blessed with performing yard with their goal setting tab to build an effective goal list and quality feedback measures for their company.

Important features

  • It provides flexible OKR services.
  • Their strategies include tagging, cascading, goal types, scoring, and check-ins.
  • Truthfully, they treat every customer with the best-dedicated approaches.
  • They integrate with ADP, BambooHR, Rippling, Paycom, etc.
  • Website: www.performyard.com

7. Peoplebox

Without protest, one must want software with simple operative features that provide the best result. Likewise, the people box is suitable for large companies that handle many business lines with branched team management and goals. People box is the following generation of software built for hyper-growth agencies. In simple words, the people box is one piece with multiple essential requirements.

Important features

  • Based on your goals, it can create auto-populated dashboards for you.
  • They sync data between check-ins, reviews, and other goals.
  • They are deeply integrated with high-efficiency evaluative tools.
  • They primarily integrate with startups like Razorpay, Dunzo, Plum, Nova benefits, Exotel, etc.
  • Website: www.peoplebox.ai

8. Huminos

If you want to define huminos, it is a comprehensive OKR with sincere working features to provide the best impactful results for the worker’s objectives. It also offers a chance to communicate and celebrate other community members by engaging them like a business proposal. Additionally, it has a forever free plan for small businesses and low-scale companies or growing companies.

Important features

  • Their tools include tracking, data administration, task scheduling, and collaborative measures.
  • Their pricing is based on the outcomes.
  • User-friendly interface and easy to set up.
  • They integrate with Microsoft teams, Microsoft Excel, Hubspot, Freshdesk, slack, etc.
  • Website: www.huminos.com

9. Gtmhub

Gtmhub works in a programmed manner. Like, it first encourages the senior managers and HR to plan their objectives suitable for their project mission and company status. It then follows by linking employees with top-level matters by providing essential inputs. In this way, communication and coordination can maintain easily. Also, they have advanced features to cope with the brainstorming process.

Important features

  • The advanced features include analytics, OKR auditing, monitoring, leadership, etc.
  • The system has free ebooks.
  • They have a rich interface through their eye-catching features.
  • They integrate with Asana, Google, bright sheet, salesforce, etc.
  • Website: www.gtmhub.com

10. Engagedly

Engagedly is one of the rare OKR software that can access on PC, android, and apple mobile. They integrate with ADP, Namely, iSolved, google suits, Microsoft, BambooHR, Okta, etc. Their anonymous feedback system is their only demerit, especially for those small-scale companies.

Important features

  • The user interface is colorful, modern, organized, and attractive.
  • One of the best OKR software under the UX section of the evaluation.
  • There is a customizable option for all check-ins and progress.
  • They can nominate the users to give feedback.
  • Website: www.engagedly.com


From the above passage, you will learn about the best ten OKR software in 2022. As said earlier, OKRs are self-evaluating tools with different features. Its primary duty is to accompany a business firm and its employees in the process of objectives or goal designing and feedback maintenance. Therefore, there will be a list of names pop up when you plan to choose an OKR software. But it would help if you were careful because it is the core unit of your firm’s strategic team. If you’re bewildered by this, use the above passage for reference.

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