Health Science

By William Watson

Apple's dedicated classical music application, Apple Music Classical, is now accessible to Android users. Following its acquisition of the classical music streaming service Primephonic in 2021, Apple announced plans to

Health Science

The Role of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Machine learning has emerged as a powerful tool in various industries. One such sector has witnessed significant transformation in healthcare.

By Rahul Shukla 6 Min Read

What are Healthcare CRM and the Benefits of CRM to the Healthcare Industry?

Medical professionals frequently feel that a patient's pleasure solely depends on how well they are treated. That isn't the case.

By Daniel Egusa 8 Min Read

5 Awesome Features of Athenahealth EHR in 2021

With so many features packed in a health recording solution, deciding which ones will really help you meet your practice

By Daniel Egusa 7 Min Read